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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I add my customer list?

  • How do I customize my website and add my logo?

  • How do I add staff members to the administration?

  • How do I manage products & pricing?

  • What merchant services can I use & how do I configure them?

  • Where do I configure the main settings of my admin & storefront?

  • How do I see and manage my orders?

  • How do I configure my shipping account?

  • Can I add the software to my existing website?

  • Can I see reports on profits, customer activity, etc?

  • How do I configure my site for SEO (add analytics and sitemap)?

  • How do I add custom information & landing pages?

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Technical Announcements

New knowledge Base

We created a new knowledge base to help our clients find answers to questions they have about the software.

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