Can I change my website domain after I sign up?

Yes, but there is a fee involved. Below we outline how this is accomplished, what occurs and what to expect.

This action must be performed by someone knowledgeable with dns to reduce potential downtime.

  1. Log into and add any new DNS records for the new domain in your Route53 (dns) zone settings (if you have any new ones)
  2. Log into and initiate a domain name change.
    1. You can find this under Admin > Left Nav > Main Menu > Settings > Storefront Control > Tools > Domain/DNS Related > Change Domain Name
  3. The database will get renamed from olddomainname to newdomainname (Only if domain name change is being done to a hub)
  4. Any reference in the database will get updated from to
  5. A new Route53 (dns) zone is automatically created for, all records from (excluding the ns records) are automatically copied to new zone and then the old zone is automatically destroyed
    1. Once the old zone is removed you will no longer have access to your admin and/or store
  6. The new nameservers will be emailed to the site owners main email address.
  7. From this point update your nameservers with your registrar. *Propagation could take up to 72 hours but normally occurs within minutes.
  8. That's it!

  • If the domain name being changed is a Hub license you must submit the request to the software provider. (this is done as a safety precaution)
  • During this update no data will be lost!