Add/Edit Company Information

Here you will learn how to add and update your company information

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Login to your administration panel

  2. Navigate to Main Menu > Settings

  3. Select Store Setup from in the Settings Categories tab and open the Company Variables section 

  4. Here you can adjust the various variables including name, address, domain name and others.

  • Company Address - The street location of the company's address

  • Company City - The city the company is located in

  • Company Country -  The country the city is located in

  • Company Domain Name - The domain name for the company's website

  • Company Google Page - The Google Plus/Hangout/ect page for the company

  • Company Name -  The company's name as it will be displayed on the website

  • Company Ranking - The ranking of the company, used as part of the email signature

  • Company State -  The state the company is located in

  • Company Zip - The company's zip code

  • General Staff Signature - The name of the company as it will appear on email signatures

  • Main Company Domain Name - The parent company's domain name. (If any.)

  • Main Company Name -  The parent company's name. (if any.) 


Make sure to keep all this information up to date to avoid confusion! If your website URL changes or you delete your google page update this right away to avoid hanging links.